Back to school terror…

Yesterday was our school’s big Back to School
Event. All of The Moms were there. It was one of the most stressful days I’ve
had since, well, since I was going back to school. My stomach hurt wondering if
my kids would get the teachers they wanted. Would they get the best teacher for
them? Would their friends be in their classes? Better yet, would the kids who
are the bullies not be in their classes? What if they were miserable? What
if…? What if…? What if…? It made me wonder if I am the only Mom who goes
through this. Do we ever outgrow the back to school panic that we had when we
were the ones going back to school? Several of The Moms gathered to compare
notes. It turns out that for one reason or another, we were all a bit freaked
out. We all had nerves. We all wondered if the kids would have a good year. None
of us slept well the night before either. We jointly made up a game plan to
conquer these nerves. Monday, the first day of school, we are going out for
margaritas for lunch. It may not help our kids, but we are pretty sure it will
help The Moms.


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