Big girl bed…

Big girl bed…

Warning…this morning’s entry is brought to you by the Sappy Mother Moment of the Week. Some may find it too “sweet” for their liking and it is recommended that such persons refrain from reading and just check in later for your “caffeine musing of the day”. That is all. We return you to our regularly scheduled Sap Fest.

Well, it seems that Little Diva has decided to sleep in her “big girl bed” now. No promting from us. One night she was sleeping in a crib, the next night she was in her full size bed. I suppose it had been there taunting her for too long. It has been in her room since she was born. A great place to put clothes that were clean before they got put away. A super catch-all for all of her 10,000 stuffed animals. A place for Mommy to sleep when Little Diva was sick and Mommy didn’t want to be far from her. And of course, the perfect place to put a guest when anyone spent the weekend with us.

Little Diva thinks she is all that in her bed. Checking on her at night is too funny. She resembles that scene in E.T. when she surrounds herself with all of her stuffed animals. It is hard to even find her among them. All you can see is a cute little face, surrounded by soft blonde curls. (Sidenote: It’s enough to make this mommy want to just snag her up and kiss her sweet little face all over! However, I live strongly by the motto: Never wake a sleeping baby/child/grumpy/mate.) I must admit, it is bittersweet. I love seeing her grow up and become such a fun and cool little girl. But, I also know that my Baby is growing up and she is my last. Every step towards her maturity is a tiny step away from this stage in my life that I love so much. And for the record, she does look so tiny and sweet all swallowed up in that big full sized bed. Many nights this past week I have just stood over her watching her sleep (after I find her). [Don’t say it. I know it will scare the beejeezus out of her if she ever wakes up and sees me looming over her in the middle of the night. We have a therapy fund for moments like this that scar my children.]

So, now, we are debating taking her crib down. Not because we think she will ever need it again or that we will ever need it again. In fact, my sister does need it for her new baby that is coming. However, the last time we packed up and gave away our crib, I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks later. Let’s just say, I am fine with that crib staying where it is until well after I am past childbearing years. I love my babies. But I don’t want more. (And before you say it, yes I know where babies come from, but I think that taking down a crib and giving it away is just tempting fate, don’t you think? Sort of like fertility foreplay. I suppose I’ll have to have a headache for a decade or so! lol) Yes, I am going to say it. You can say it with me if you want to….My baby girl is growing up!

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