But it’s mine!

There must be a law
somewhere that says that a family of 5 should not have to share one bathroom.
Especially when one of those people is potty training. And two of them are young
boys who, let’s face it, are not super worried about aim all of the time. And
when one of those is a grown man who had to go as far as marrying me to earn the
right to share my bathroom. Especially and most important, when that is the only
room in the house where I can be alone. Now, there is a waiting line to get into
my sanctuary. It’s just not fair. I see nothing wrong with sending them to a
neighbor’s house to take care of business. Oh, and why do we have just 1
bathroom to share? Because if you remember Geek-Man and I are remodeling the
kids’ bathroom and he decided to take out the toilet to lay tile. Me? I would
take out the toilet the DAY I am going to lay tile…NOT the day or TWO before.
I am just not thrilled to share my bathroom. Is it wrong to tell my kids they
have to go play at little Jimmy’s house because I don’t want their friends using
my bathroom either? It is? Oh, okay. Well, then is it wrong to tell their
friends to just hold it until they get home? Wrong too? Okay. But I am not
offereing. They have to be doing the “pee-pee” dance first. Even if it is wrong.


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