Changes are in the air…

The times, they are a changin’. Or
something like that. I have made some big steps towards evolving my blog into
more me and, well, less Blogger. (Not that I have anything against Blogger. I
would just rather own than rent, you know?) I have gotten a new domain name. I
have downloaded some really fun and interesting things to add to my site. Now,
the only thing that is getting me crazed…I know very little about making
graphics and templates and all of that other fun stuff that you have to do when
you…branch out on your own. Any of you experienced, “independent” bloggers
have any suggestions on where to begin? I would love to hear about anything from
the basics to artwork/graphics to fun add-ons. Of course, I will stay here and
rent until the new home is up, but isn’t half the fun of a new place setting it
up? Or so I am told. Or so I am going to tell myself at 2:00am when I am banging
my head on my keyboard and spitting hot coffee at my monitor. Will someone
remind me that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?


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