Code Blue…

My Game Cube tried to commit suicide today. I think it was having
abandonment issues since the boys went back to school. There was a power surge
this afternoon when Kidlet Jr was playing that would normally just cause a
hiccup in the game, but the GC took the opportunity to climb on the ledge of the
electronic high rise. I tried to talk to talk it down. I promised that I would
let the boys play in the afternoon for a while. No go. I promised that I would
let them play on the weekends even if it was nice outside and I wanted to send
them outside to play. Not even a tiny “power-on” flicker of a light. Finally, I
convinced it to work because I told it that I would let the Diva play Finding
Nemo during the day. I guess that worked. The power light flickered on briefly
and then came back strong. Crisis averted.


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