Coding…sort of

After a few
years with someone, you get to know the hidden meanings behind their words.
After being with my Geek-Man for more than half of my life, we have come up with
our own code. (No, not the kind where we hid under the blankets with our
flashlights and came up with a secret code book.) There are just certain phrases
or words that really mean something entirely different than what you hear. Don’t
all couples have this? To illustrate, here are some of our codes: “Just so you
know” really means: This is how it is going to be and I am telling you so that
you can’t say you didn’t know about it later on. (Sidenote: there is no
discussion when a conversation starts with “just so you know”) “In case you were
wondering” means: You should’ve asked about this, but since you haven’t, I am
going to tell you. (Sidenote: Usually this is said in a rather sarcastic tone so
that the recipient knows that (s)he is in trouble.) “Wanna snuggle?” means:
Wanna have sex? (said by the male) “I just wanna snuggle.” means: You’re not
getting sex. (said by the female) “Does this make me look fat?”(or other
variations of that question spoken by the woman) means: I feel insecure and you
need to tell me I look good. “Wow. You sure have been working hard” (usually
used when the other person has been outside working in the heat or has been
exercising) means: You really need to go take a shower. And the all time
favorite: “Yes, dear.” means: Whatever you say because I am really not listening
but I don’t want to get into trouble by admitting that. I would share more, but
couples need some secrets, right? What about you? Do you have a code, too? (And
don’t you dare answer me with “Yes, dear!”)


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