Get out of my lunchbox!

** I usually don’t rant here. I like to be lighthearted. That’s who I am.
This is a rant. Come back later if you don’t feel like reading about a rant.
Have a great day! Let the irritation begin…. ** I have just one thing to say
to the Texas Dept of Agriculture…Get out of my lunchbox! We now have one more
“zero tolerance” policy in our Texas schools. We have zero tolerance for guns
and zero tolerance for drugs/alcohol. Now we have zero tolerance for junk food.
What?! Junk food? Check this out. So let me see if I have this straight. You are
now telling me that my kid cannot bring a Twinkie to school anymore? After
reading the email sent out to teachers, not only is the issue deeper than not
having vending machines, it is literally zero-tolerance for any junk food. Not
at class parties. Not at special functions. Not in a child’s lunch. And IF a
child brings the junk food in his lunch and dares to actually share it with his
friend, they will both be in trouble as well as the teacher. So, ANY sharing of
lunches now is forbidden. (Was it just me or did you do the lunch room
swapparooni with your friends when you didn’t like what you had??) I am all
about offering healthy choices for kids, limiting what foods they can buy,
offering snacks that are healthy, but to forbid it and envoke a policy that is
on the levels of our tolerance of guns and drugs? Whatever! We are talking about
any food of little nutritional value: mints, popcicles, any hard candy, etc.
With no exceptions. What about the kids who are learning speech patterns by
placing hard candy in there mouth to learn tongue placement? Nope. Can’t do it.
There are no exceptions. *sigh* The local news wants to interview a few parents
about this. I am a lucky chosen one if I want to do it. I know what I think
about it. I have no problem voicing my opinion. I would like to hear what you
have to say. What do you think about this? Me? Hey! Get out of my lunch box!


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