I’ve realized
this week that I really do appreciate my girlfriends (usually referred to here
as The Moms). Of course, there are the usual reasons that we all appreciate our
friends, but this week, I am just so thankful that they listen. Well, maybe it
would be more accurate to say I am thankful because they let me talk. (They
don’t even have to listen most of the time.) Let’s face it, most men are not
equipped to listen for as long as we women can talk nor do they have the ability
to just let us talk at great lenghts unless there are several points made and
facts given. I think that perhaps their heads might actually implode if they
tried. Take for instance My Geek-Man. Once on a long trip when I had probably
been talking way too much and he had probably lost the ability to just let his
eyes glaze over and merely nod when I pause, he actually said these words to me,
“You know, dear (Sidenote: “Dear” is never good. It means: ‘I am using this term
of endearment because what I am really about to say is going to piss you off’.)
You tend to talk a lot and use many words, but rarely do you actually say
anything.” He did get a sharp punch to the arm, in case were wondering. But he
was right. (Don’t tell him I said that, though. I will deny it!) I can talk. A
lot. So, I am very thankful to my girlfriends for listening (or pretending to)
because this week, I did a lot of talking. And crying. So even though I am not
always sure how to make friends with women, I sure am thankful to the ones I
have (and the new ones I am making!) Because, I for one, am not really into the
idea of watching my husband’s head implode.


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