Hear that school bell ringing?

It’s that time again. School is starting. We have less than a week to go.
But, who’s counting. Okay, I am. Not for the reasons you may think. I am going
to miss the boys. We have so much fun together. They are my playmates. Yes, I
know I need to get out more. I just really have had fun this summer. Yesterday I
went to the school to get the “Back to School” packets together. We were all
hoping to find out which teachers our kids have this year. But the principal
decided not to put the labels on the packets this year like they have every
year. Bummer. I had a terrible experience one year with a teacher and have from
then on have become quite….”involved” with my kids teachers. I am not going to
sit back during my kids’ schooling. In fact, I am a chairman of 2 different
committees this year. (Or is politically incorrect to say chairMAN? Is it
supposed to be chairperson? Chairlady? Chairparent?) Whatever. I am in charge.
So, here we go. We are going to go from talk of the swimming pool to talk of the
PTA, homework and schedules. Let the games begin.


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