I can see you!

I can see you!

Since I spent the majority of the day on Friday on the road, either sitting in stand-still traffic or playing “dodge the crazy driver”, I have a thing or two to say to a few people out there.

First, I can see you. Just because you are in your car, that does not make you invisible. Do not scratch, pick, wipe or fondle anything that you don’t want anyone who is driving by you to see. Do you understand that unless you are in the back of a car with heavily tinted windows, we can still see you. Inside your car, you have not become invisible. Nope. We. Can. See. You. I am not sure why suddenly people think that being in a car causes some sort of super powers of invisiblilty, but it doesn’t. Do you get that concept? Okay, but for the few of you who didn’t seem to understand that concept on Friday, I have a message for you….

To the lady with the perfect hair and perfect make-up in your perfect BMW, you pretty much ruin the effect you are going for when you are making faces in your mirror while picking a zit. Totally not attractive.

And to the guy in the pick-up truck, one word: Kleenex.

Oh, and for the teenagers on I-45S, ummm, well, good for you, but can I suggest that next time you at least pull over. Enough said.

And of course to Ms. Crazy Driver (who really got what you deserved.) Remember me? I was going about 70mph in a 60mph zone but you wanted me to go faster? Remember how you screamed and cursed me and flipped me off? Did you see me pass you about 25 miles down the road? Oh, probably not. You were probably disctracted by the police officer writing your ticket. But I did wave as I passed you!

I just can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to driving back. So, people, when you get in your cars and are going to be on the road, especially if it is Monday at the same time I am, then please, repeat after me: My car does not make me invisible.


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