I did it!

Well, I did it! I made it through my first week of
school…err…the Kidlets’ first week of school. I really think this is going
to be a good year! I completely adore both of their teachers. They are full of
personality and energy with enough compassion to be kind, but enough toughness
to get the job done. (Not to mention the fact that I get along great with them
on a social level, not just a parent/teacher level.) Kidlet Sr. is loving
school. He told me today that he is glad to be back because he enjoys having a
schedule. (This from the boy who slept until noon half of the summer and whose
only thoughts of schedules revolved around when it was time to eat.) He has his
best friend in his class, too. So, that helps. I think he is going to be fine
with his increased work load. (Let’s hope I will be!) Kidlet Jr. is happy with
his teacher and is really feeling proud of himself because of how well he is
doing so far. He has become very eager to read more chapter books. (Yay for
reading!) I think he will be okay with the kids in his class. Sometimes he can
become quite the chameleon with some kids. He seems to be holding his own and
staying true to who he really is. Today the school had a celebration assembly.
There was music and singing and foot stomping, hand clapping fun. The Little
Diva thought this was the best thing I’ve dragged her to in quite a while. I am
very lucky she is so easy going. Not to mention the fact that she is so known
because of my constant presense at the school for one reason or another, that
she can wander somewhat and still be “looked after”. The teachers and other
parents love to dote on her. (Sure! Let her diva-ness get even more extreme!)
But, it is a good feeling to know that I am not the only one keeping an eye out
for her. And you will be proud…I left today having only been signed up for one
more committee. And I am not the one chairing it this time. (However, I did get
more “stuff” for the ones I am chairing.) I vaguely remember thinking that once
the year started, things would be a bit calmer and I would have more time to
myself. Not so much happening right now. But, I figure in a couple of weeks, the
Diva and I will get our schedule worked out and be more sane. (At thevery least
I am hoping to be less tired!) So, kudos to me…I mean my kids…for surviving
the first week of school. (How many more days until summer break??)


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