Mission accomplished…

The following is a Public Service Announcement: Given
that I have whined and moped about the first day of school, it is pretty much a
given that I will update that paritcular mental obsession first. If you are
completely over it and don’t want to hear about it, check back later. I am sure
my focus will have changed by then. I do tend to be an ADD blogger.) We now
return you to our regularly scheduled blog. I did it! I got them dropped off at
school and did the whole PTA coffee and meeting with no tears…well, none that
the kidlets saw. (And really, it was more like “watery eyes” than tears. So I
will call it a “tear-free” day.) Okay, so I said that ” I dropped them off”, but
it is more like I said goodbye to Kidlet Sr. who is a fourth grader and didn’t
need me to come with him, so he just took off on his bike with his friends with
hardly a wave back. (Sidenote: Why is it that a sign that you are doing a good
job as a parent usually involves the kids moving in a direction away from you
with not even a look back?) Kidlet Jr wanted me to drive him rather than him
having to ride his bike. Not because he wanted me to be there with him. Oh no,
not something so touching as that. He didn’t want his helmet to mess up his
hair. Touching, isn’t it. So I took Kidlet Jr to his second grade class, asked
one of The Moms to look in on Kidlet Sr and make sure all was well, and then
went to the PTA coffee. Luckily, I sat beside a Mom who has a daughter the
Diva’s age so they could talk really loudly in their 2 yr old speak, laugh &
giggle, and pull books off of the shelf together. I pretty much had to keep the
attitude of “I’ll smile and look apologetic, but they will both be here for all
the meetings, so get used to the noise, ladies.” (Is that too bitchy an
attitude? I did have a smile, remember.) It wasn’t until I got home, heard the
silence, saw the silent gameroom and did not trip over any toys that I
realized– fully realized– that school has started. I don’t have to referree
any arguments before my morning coffee. I might actually see The Today show if I
want to. That new magazine that I can’t wait to read that came in the mail in
JUNE might actually get read. In fact, I think I am going to go have another cup
of coffee and wander my mostly-empty house. I have to admit, this may not be too
bad after all. In fact, I just may take a nap today after the Margaritas with
The Moms. Lord knows I could use one after my late-night ‘first day of school’
jitters. Now, let’s just hope the Diva wants to take one too.


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