My passion…

I have a passion for words. I just really love words.
The sound. The look. The meaning. (I guess that is why I write.) But I have to
admit, I am immature enough to tell you this…My favorites are ones that can
make me laugh. Some words just make me giggle. (For that matter, words that even
mean giggle tickle me: guffaw, snigger, chuckle, titter, snort.) How about
bumblebee. Sounds funny to hear some people say it. Picture James Earl Jones
saying, “Luke, beware the bumblebee.” Now come on. It’ll make you at least
smile. How about the ever popular planet Uranus. May we never grow up and stop
laughing when someone says they’ve seen Uranus during a full moon. And of course
kumquat. It will make me laugh everytime. Say it. Go on. I dare you. What about
you? What words make you laugh to hear even when their meaning has nothing
whatsoever to do with humor? I want to hear what makes you laugh! I dare you,


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