I think I broke my toe. Again. Yes, again. This would make the third time this little toe has been the object of such breakage. (Is there something that makes a bone more suseptible to being fractured once it has been broken before? Kind of like chicken pox but in reverse. You don’t become immune, you become suseptible?) Now, it isn’t like I have anything against my toe. It’s a cute little toe. An often overlooked appendage that is usually seen as insignificant. Okay, I will admit that it is sort of a pain in the butt to try to get nail polish on that itty bitty nail during a pedicure, but, hey, that doesn’t mean I bear it ill will. I don’t. And before you ask if I broke it kicking something, I didn’t. Well, not intentionally. I was working on my computer, got up for a drink, came back to sit down, spun in my chair to push it back under my desk and *slam* …right into the side of my desk where my chair slides under it. I didn’t even let loose a string of profanities. Okay, that’s a lie. I did.

So, I guess I will forego the podiatrist this time. I am getting to be a pro at this now. I know just how to tape it and what tape works the best etc. The only drawback to that is that if I do it myself, no pain killers. Hmmm, such the dilemma. I suppose you’ll figure out which I chose by reading any later posts. Although, I am not sure pain killers make me any loopier than normal. My mind is like a brain on pain killers most days. But that is beside the point.

Time to do the toe tapage and limp my kids off to school. Hey, can a broken toe
get me a “get out of being the mommy for a day” pass? Cause I think a day in bed with a good book is just what this little pinkie toe needs to heal. Okay, maybe it’s just what sounds good to me. But, I’m not above using my little toe for a day of R&R. Shhhh, don’t tell!


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