Some things change, some things never do…

Some things change… Since when did 4th grade homework get to be so hard? I
mean, I should not have to *think* (and I mean really think) about math
probability problems that my 4th grade Kidlet has for homework. I really don’t
remember 4th grade being hard. I remember breezing through school until college. And then, it wasn’t so much breezing through as it was learning how to study and what it took to make the grade. But 4th grade making me scratch my head and say Huh? Lordy tell me that the work is getting harder and I don’t just have a bad case of mommy brain.

And some things never do

I was talking to one of The Moms’ daughters today. She was hurting and wanted to talk to someone…but not her Mom. She was crying because she was snubbed by one of her friends after they had words. (And trust me, at this age, girls can get into some pretty nasty cat fights.) She was asking me how to make it better. How to fix things. As if I know. Sweetie, I don’t have a clue, I wanted to tell her. I wanted to say, “I still haven’t figured that out! I am being snubbed as we speak and trust me, what you’re feeling and what I am feeling are probably pretty much the same, only you get to cry about it and I have to be an adult and pretend I don’t care.” But I didn’t say that. I gave her as much reassurance as I could. I gave her all of those standard “to thine own self be true” statements that adults say. And my heart broke for her. I have no idea how I am going to deal with this when Little Diva hits this age. Someone just tell me it gets easier. The kids. The homework. The issues. Please. Does it? Well, I am off to soccer practice. No rest for the Mommy! I’ll be checking back later for all of those “of course it gets easier” comments, okay? wink

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