The Duchesss…

The Duchesss…

I think Little Diva needs a new nickname. No, she hasn’t lost her Diva-ness. But she has a name that is very *her*. Ready?

The Duchess of Destruction.

It fits. That girl can take a clean and organized room and in under 2 minutes, make it look like tornadic force winds have blown through the room. More than once. And she is quite proud of this, I do believe. I have never seen a child who can rearrange a toy organizer and a playroom with such effeciency. But, her skills are not limited to one room. Oh no. She is able to multi-destruct. She can take toys and in the blink of an eye have them in another room, in a rather unique pattern of disarray. And yes, I have even found Barbie taking a dip in the toilet. Luckily it was my toilet, so there was a guarantee that it had been flushed prior to her swimming adventure.

Now remember, I have 2 boys. I should be used to messes. But no. This girl has unique talent in the art of toy chaos. Trust me, she earns her name. Duchess of Destruction fits. Too well. (But she’ll always be Little Diva as well.) Hmmm, the Diva Duchess of Destruction? Sounds like a really bad B-grade horror movie.


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