The ultimate in hermit accessories…

I may never leave the comfort of my couch again. My Man (my
wonderfully geek-connected husband) got me a wireless internet connection for my
laptop. So, in a sense, I can write, watch Trading Spaces, have a little snack
and never have to get off my couch. (The kids can bring me the snacks. Isn’t
that why we have them in the first place? Free labor?) Think of the
possibilities. I could essentially become the ultimate hermit girl. I could take
the kids to school and never leave my couch again until it was time to pick them
up. Okay, seriously, that doesn’t sound too appealing on a normal day, but being
sick, it sounds like bliss. Because we all know that a mom with 3 kids can lay
on the couch or stay in bed when she is sick, right? Actually, I am pretty sure
that there is a radar deep within the depth of a child’s brain that prompts them
to come racing to a sick mom’s room and ask as many questions as possible, even
if the Dad is in the other room. This weekend I got such questions as: Do cow’s
drink milk? How do things glow in the dark? And my favorite for when I am sick:
How does a fax machine work? What?! I am not sure I can answer any of these when
I am well. When I am sick? I don’t think so! That is when they they hear….Ask
your Dad! With a wireless connect, I could say, “Here, honey, surf the net and
find the answer yourself while Mommy crawls back under the covers and sleeps.”
Ohhhhh, the possibilities!


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