They don’t even have a chance…

My children don’t even
have a chance at growing up normal. (Although really, what is normal? But that
is different topic all together.) So Geek-Man and I are chasing each other
through the house (yes, you read that right. Geek-Man and I were the ones
running and screeching in the house) when he races into the kids’ bathroom. He
comes to an abrupt halt *blam* causing me to slam my face into his shoulder
busting my lip. (But that is not the point of the story.) So, I look over his
shoulder to see why the sudden stop. There is Kidlet Sr. …ummm…taking care
of business and looking at us with quite a bewildered look on his face. Being
the good Mom I am, I burst into laughter. Real. Loud. Hard. Laughter. Do you
know the kind? Where you are laughing so hard you are doubled over, crying
hoping not to pee in your pants. That kind of laughter. Kidlet Sr. finishes up
and just walks past us somewhat shaking his head with a bit of a perplexed look
on his face, yet still somewhat smiling. That’s the thing. Not for one instance
did he think it was strange that we were chasing each other in the house and
that I was doubled over laughing at his predicament. These kids haven’t got a


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