This must be what hell is like…

Human beings were not meant to live in heat
like this! It is gawd awful, slap your mama, scream at the dog HOT! I imagine
this is close to what hell must feel like. It is 103 degrees with a heat index
of 109 degrees. Humidity…sticky! My air conditioner has been running all day,
yet the temperature in the house is 86 degrees. (Did I mention that our air
conditioner was installed by the one and only Fred Flintstone back in 300BC?) It
is soooo time for a new unit. However, when I did laundry this week, I didn’t
find an extra 5 grand in anyone’s pockets. So, I will sweat. (Did I mention that
it is HOT?) I hate being hot. (Living in Texas is not the best choice if you
hate heat, but that is another story.) I am going to go strip down to the bare
minimal so as to not humiliate my kids or get arrested and then I am going to do
nothing. Expend no energy. Moving makes it worse. I am going to try to just
breathe. That’s all the effort I want to exert in this heat.


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