To the batmobile

To the batmobile

Yesterday after my migraine subsided, I was minding my own business when it happened. The Bat phone rang! There’s an emergency in Gotham! Hurry! To the Batmobile!

Okay, actually, it was my regular phone. And it really wasn’t an emergency. It was a call for a volunteer from the PTA needing some help in the workroom at the Kidlets’ school. And I didn’t really jump in the Batmobile. Just my standard car complete with a car seat. But really, now, how exciting is that? The whole
Batman thing sounded so much cooler! I have a confession to make. I will tell
you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Promise?

I really do enjoy being a PTA/soccer mom. *and the crowd fell silent* I really do. I had a lot of fun at the school talking to The Moms and getting the scoop on what’s new in the land of educating our little eager kidlets’ minds. Don’t get me wrong. Some of the PTA women are still caught in the high school ages of playing games and acting like they are up for homecoming queen and the lowly other Moms are just their royal subject. (To which I say, Grow up and join adulthood.) Can’t say I have much to do with them. But The Moms are great. The real Moms. The ones who don’t feel they are lowering themselves to be a Mom, but just get by day to day like everyone else. Trust me. Where I live, it can be quite a chore to find a mom more interested in her kidlets than in her status. But, at our school, I have found quite a few. After a bumpy start to the whole PTA thing, I got into the groove and fell in with some fun people. I enjoyed being up there and having the other Moms and teachers see the Diva and talk to her and bring her stickers. (Hey, she’s 2. That is quite a sweet deal for her.) Not to mention being able to just walk down to the cafeteria and say hi to Kidlet Sr and Kidlet Jr. during lunch.

Yes, I think I may actually, really, deep down inside….be a PTA Mom. Will you still love me now?

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