Vacation anyone?

I need a vacation. Not a family vacation. Not an exotic
trip or anything so interesting. I just want to be alone for a while. I want to
go to the bathroom and not have little fingers wiggling under the door attached
to a little person asking when I am coming out. I would really like to consider
going out to dinner a luxurious treat, not the fact that I am going to the
grocery store alone. Maybe I have a touch of burnout? The last time I went
somewhere alone (stores don’t count) was a few MONTHS ago. That is too long.
Here is what I am thinking. A weekend. Just a weekend. A hotel with room service
and a big comfy bed would be heaven. Oh yes, and a phone whose ringer can be
turned off would seal the deal. I don’t want to do much. Just take a nap if I
want to. Sleep late. Watch something on tv that is not animated, doesn’t sing
silly songs and there are no people in animal costumes. I’ll bring a book and my
comfy blanket and my softest most comfortable pj’s. (And I won’t get out of them
unless I am taking a hot bubble bath!) Ahhh, sounds so heavenly. But reality
calls. I hear the Diva asking for the Wiggles, so my little hotel fantasy will
have to wait. But hopefully not for long! This mama needs a break!


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