We interrupt…

We interrupt…

We interrupt this caffeine musing to bring you a High Speed Police Chase. Yes, the Dallas televisions have been taken over by coverage of a high speed chase. You can hear the anticipation in the newscasters. Oh boy does the media love a good police chase to speculate over. “He may be a robbery suspect. It is possibly a wanted felon. Perhaps he has a gun. It appears that his tire is flat.”

Do you know what I want to hear? I want to hear them say, “We have no idea what is going on or what he did, but it sure is cool to watch this live, isn’t it. Oh sure, we can speculate as to what is going on, but frankly, we don’t know what the hell is happening because we see the same thing you do. Let’s just shut up and watch together.” Ohhh….he’s slowing. Bummer. He surrendered. Guess they need to go back to the insignificant news like the economy, Iraq, murders and NASA. Boy, do those newscasters sound bummed out.

Gotta love the media!


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