Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

**Update I forgot to ask…if you have me in your link list, could you please update the link? I appreciate it! And, hey, by the way, thanks for having a link to me!

Pull up a seat and grab a cup of coffee! You found my new home! If you check the time, you will see why my domain is named…

Mommy Needs Coffee!

I wish I had some wonderful words of wisdom, some funny anecdote or even a sappy Mom moment. I don’t. I have bloodshot eyes, a tired body and a brain that is actually beginning to reject caffeine and go to sleep. (How rude!)

But, I did want to welcome you to my new domain.

** For those of you who waited up and noticed that my few minutes turned into a few hours….I am SO sorry! But, thanks for tracking me down.

Leave a comment so I know you came. (Okay, so I know that I didn’t stay up all night for nothing!) FYI…until I figure out what I did to the comments, you need to click on the time stamp to leave a comment. Why? Probably because it is 2:00am and I have no idea how anything works anymore! grin


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