What a slacker…

I know that when you are the new kid on the
block, things can go one of a few ways for you. 1) You can just be ignored as
insignificant (if you are even noticed at all.) 2) You can be picked on as a
newbie who doesn’t know the in’s and out’s of the way things work. Someone who
is still in the early stages of developing both her blog and her voice. Or 3)
You can be welcomed in and treated very well. Be accepted by the experienced
kids on the block and taken care of. (At the least, given kudos to keep you
going when you think no one is out there.) I am lucky. I’ve received option 3
since I started blogging. So, I want to introduce you to some of my new
blog-mates. (By no means is this a complete list of people who have encouraged
me, but my blogroll is making the script 3 times larger than the human eye can
handle. So, I am going to have to do this until I figure out how to correct it.)
There is Allison who seems to have very similar coffee issues as I do. She has
been wonderful to take me under her oh-so-caffeinated wing and helpwith my new
adventures in blogging. (Not to mention that she featured me on her site this
week and I have been so blessed with meeting so many of you through that! And of
course our resident Busy Mom who is great at keeping humor in her Busy Mom life.
I recently found Buzz and I think he loves words as much as I do. (Read his
conversation about fall vs plummet if you want to see what I mean.) Another PTA
mom I have found is Natalie and I am trying my best to get her to realize the
bliss that coffee can bring. And if I don’t have an opinion, I will check to see
what j-mo is saying. It is, after all, just her opinion. Of course there are old
friends who are blogging as well. It just wouldn’t be right to give a shout out
and not include them. To meet my sarcastic needs at a moments notice, I race to
Melissa. She will never let me down and always make me laugh. There are times
when I just need to check what the local feminist goddesses may have to say, in
which case I go to Katie. She’ll let me know. There is Retro Girl who was the
first person to link to me. (Thanks!) Finally, I introduce you to Val who is a
great granola mama who is one of the sweetest women I know. I hope you enjoy
reading them as much as I have. Now remember to play nice. They have been great
to me!


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