APB on the Kidlet’s bike

APB on the Kidlet’s bike

It is SO Monday. Kidlet Jr’s bike was stolen. From the school. Okay, yes, he did have a lock. And yes, he did forget to put it on. Of course, it is locked tightly on the bike, so if I see the bike I will know it is his. I am just so angry! For the obvious reasons, of course. But I am so angry that I can’t do anything about it for Kidlet Jr. I can’t replace it for him. I mean, being out of work, we are doing all we can to just get the bills paid. We surely don’t have the ability to get a new bike for him. Which really pisses me off. I know kids don’t need to have material things. I am not about that. It’s just that we have done everything we can to make this jobless time as easy on them as possible so they don’t have to worry. (It doesn’t really work that well, but I know that they feel safe and taken care of and that is what matters.) This is just a slap in the face to me. And I am angry about it.

Stolen. From a school. Isn’t that just the icing on the cake. ~sigh~

I am going to go drive the neighborhood and see if I see it. It is doubtful, but I am going to try anyway. It is a beautiful day here. I’ll just pretend it is a nice drive on a pretty day. If I find the bike, it will be a bonus.

Yeah, right. Who am I fooling? Did I fool you? Nah. I didn’t think so.


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