Bike update

Bike update

Well, we found out who stole Kidlet Jr’s bike. Not only did we find out, but we have a name and an address. And a kid who knows him and has heard his lame excuse that he is making up. (He says he bought the bike for $400 over the weekend because he got a new job. Hello? He is 12! Whatever! Besides, if he paid $400 then he got screwed!)

Here’s the deal that makes me wonder what we can legally do. He has taken off every identifying thing about the bike. All the stickers, lock and serial number. Everything. But it is our bike. And we know it. And he knows it. Tomorrow we are getting the police involved. *I* wanted to go chase this punk’s ass down and wring his little neck. (Of course, I would never hurt the kid, but I am angry!) My husband thinks that perhaps a more civilized way would be better. We’ll see. I say we go bang on their door tonight with the cops. I am betting the brat’s parents won’t be too thrilled with that. Again, I was out voted. Which sucks, because really, I want this kid to be not only humiliated, but have the crap scared out of him. He deserves no less.

I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow.

Punk brat kid!


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