Boy is she gonna be mad!

Boy is she gonna be mad!

My nephew is hysterical…unintentionally.

When Little Diva was itty bitty, my nephew was watching me change her diaper. (He was only 3, but very serious about things.) You probably have to know him, but when he gets this certain look on his face, you just know something is coming. Brace yourself.

So he is watching.

I am waiting.

Then he says, “Boy is she gonna be mad.”

me: “What?”

nephew: “Boy, I bet she’s really gonna be mad when she grows up.”

me: “Why?”

nephew: “Cuz she was born with 2 butts.”

No lie. That was his concern.

Poor Diva was born with 2 butts.

I didn’t explain. That’s what moms are for. Not aunts. But for the record, I did laugh my ass off!


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