Chair issues

I don’t know what it is, but even now, I just don’t like going to the principal’s office. Today was Kidlet Sr’s parent/teacher conference. So, I go to the office first to sign in. (Sidenote: You’d think that as often as I am up at that school and in the office, I would not blink at being sent to the office, but apparently I have primary school issues yet to resolve. Who knew?) So anyway, we get to the classroom and greet the teacher. (I adore this woman! She really is great.) But can we maybe think ahead when doing these conferences. Oh, I don’t know, offer coffee, call me by my first name, let me sit in a freakin’ chair that is larger than a doll house desk. Okay, maybe the coffee is asking too much. But come on! I have issues enough with knowing I should work out more. Dieting has rewards that come slower than I would like. But do you have to sit me in a chair that would make Lara Flynn Boyle feel like the Michelin Man? I’m just asking.


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