Go to sleep!

Go to sleep!

But is it wrong to put Sominex in Kool-Aid?

They are still up. Not only up but hyper, fighting and being typical 10 year old boys. I was so sure that by now they would be sleeping. Or at least CALM.

Go ahead. Laugh. I know you are. Don’t bother trying to hide it. (Okay, you don’t have to laugh that loudly, Krissy!)

So, if I don’t check in sometime tomorrow, just assume they took over the house. At which time I will be on the road heading over to Busy Mom’s place. Maybe if I offer to change the crib sheets for her, she’ll let me stay.

I’m going to bed. (I almost typed “What harm can they really do this late while I sleep?” I paused. Thought about that. Then decided some questions need not be asked to avoid any chance of them actually being answered!)


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