Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

I just wanted to say good morning and wish everyone a wonderful Monday. I got all of my homework done this weekend….I mean, I helped the boys get their homework done…I mean, now that the boys got their homework for the weekend finished, I know that their backpacks are loaded and they are ready to be booted out the door!

Little Diva kept me up until 1:00am last night. Ugh! Not sure what her late night issues are, but this is the third time in 5 nights that she has done this. I am not a happy camper when 5:45am rolls around. Maybe she will sleep in and I can crawl back into bed for a little longer once the boys leave.

I have to go to a few small businesses this morning/afternoon to see if I can sweet talk them into signing up to be members of our PTA. Can I just tell you how bad a salesperson I am. Usually, before it is over, I am pretty much apologizing for asking someone to buy something and am probably offering to buy it for them! lol This is going to be pretty interesting, to say the least! Wish me luck!

Other than that, I just have some paper work I need to do for PTA and a whole lot of Spring cleaning. (Yeah, I know it isn’t Spring, but would you know what I meant if I said “Fall Cleaning”? I didn’t think so.) I am ready to change out the seasons. The best way to do that is to clean and organize. So, I am going to be doing a lot of that this week. No worries…I won’t share every detail with you.

Oh, and that post from last night about struggling… I am sorting things out in my head and will post about that later.

Have a great Monday!

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