I’m home!

I’m home!

Ahhhh, home sweet-messy-chaotic-intense-busy home! It’s insane, but it’s mine. The trip back was much better than the one down there. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Apparently, those people who think they are invisible in their car read what I had to say and decided to behave today. wink

The kids drove me insane on the drive, though. But, I don’t blame them. They are packed in like tiny sardines and are bored out of their minds. Of course, that just made me grumpy since I got them the ultimate travel hook-up. They had a Game Cube, Videos and a DiscMan to listen to CD’s. So why then is their favorite activity fighting with each other or teasing each other until either 1) the other one screams and/or cries or 2)Mommy screams and/or cries. Ahhh, the bliss of roadtrips.

I am pretty sure there isn’t a muscle in my body that is not sore and completely exhausted. Even my eyelids are sore. I am just that tired. I have a lot to say about my stay at my parents house, but the very idea of having to string together coherent thoughts one after the other is enough to make me cry.

So I am off to bed. MY bed. The one without a child in it that kicks, pokes or pries my eyelids open to see if I am awake. So unless there is an emergency (defined as blood, vomit or fire) leave me alone until morning. I promise, I will be much nicer then!

Nighty night!

Oh and of course, a special thanks to my Geek-Man for posting that I was out of town and wouldn’t be home until tonight even though I logged in and posted anyway and made him look like he didn’t know what he was talking about….yeah, that….Thanks honey! wink

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