In just 4 words….

In just 4 words….

Actual conversation in my car on the way to the soccer game.

Kidlet Jr: I know how to get someone to be quiet if they are bothering you.
Me: Oh yeah? How?
KJ: Just 1-2-3-4 words?
Me: (trying to think what he could be thinking, figuring it wasn’t anything I knew) And what are those 4 words?

KJ: Shut. Your. Fat. Ass.

(jaw dropping shocked silence) Side note: To my credit, I didn’t wreck the car.

You said what? My little guy just said what?!

I asked him who he heard say that (knowing it wasn’t me). I was calm. I didn’t yell or sound mad. I just calmly asked where he heard it and if he knew that it wasn’t a very good thing to say.

Poor innocent guy started to cry and asked “Because I called someone fat?” Bless his heart. So I had to tell him that although that was also not nice, that the words he chose fall into the bad word category. Blah Blah Blah.

I guess I am lucky. At least Little Diva didn’t repeat it. And at least he didn’t drop an F-bomb on me.

Parenting can be so challenging when things they say make you want to laugh and you really just have to be mature and be the “Mom”.

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