Paying the price

Paying the price

Okay. I admit it. I deserve the intensely crazy day I am getting. I blew off the weekend. I did nothing of value. I got nothing “real” taken care of at all. (But, I did have a helluva time watching my movies!)

Today I have a Slackers Hangover. (Sidenote: A Slackers Hangover usually occurs on a Monday following a weekend where you did little to nothing that should’ve been done. Therefore, you are moving slower than normal, thinking slower than normal and basically not able to function at your top abilities.) I am moving slow in a world that needs me to move at lightening speed. Can you see the problem here?

So, if any of you were jealous of my weekend Slackers Movie Festival, go ahead and giggle. I am dealing with the pay-off now.

Must. Get. More. Coffee.


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