I think one of the reasons My Geek-Man and I can stay so close during such a very hard time is because we still play. That silly, on-the-playground-at-recess play. Yes, we still chase each other around the house and laugh a lot together.

But sometimes, the games are just as silly, yet more subtle.

Take for instance this new one he started a couple of months ago.

[Sidenote: For some background about why this is a “game”. I am very particular about some things. Weird things. I become obsessive about things that are really bizarre. I admit it. Just call it part of my charm! Geek-Man totally does not “get it”. His mind is 100% logical. Reason. Facts. Proof. That’s him. Okay, back to what I was saying….]

So, he thinks it will be really funny to flip the roll of toilet paper to where the paper comes from underneath instead of on top. It just freaks me out. I mean, really freaks me out. So I flip it back and go on about my business. Only to find that later, it is back to the underneath flip. It makes me nuts! (And yes, I know this was talked about on a talk show recently. It just added fuel to the fire for him to see it and see me get all worked up proving my point that my way was right. Because of that freakin show, the game was raised a notch to a higher level, thankyouvermuch.)

I have to admit, it does make me laugh to see it flipped again. In that “you’re making me crazy, dear and will pay the price” kind of way. But really, admit it…you notice which way the toilet paper is dispensed, don’t you? My way is the way it should be done, right? Say right.

Anyway, I love that I can still play games with My Geek-Man even as everything else crumbles beneath us. We have that! We always have the laughter!


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