SO productive

SO productive

Want to know what I did today? That’s okay. I’m going to tell you anyway.

Not much.

I found some great movies and pretty much planted myself in front of the tv and have completely gone into Movie Trance Mode. Let’s see…

I have watched Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, Cheaper By the Dozen, The Big Chill and am about to watch one of Kidlet Sr’s DVD’s with him. (Hey, I have to at least play the role of Good Mom today.)

So, pretty much, I am thinking that I will not get the Mom of the Day Award today. (Yeah, as if I am up for it on any given day!)

If you had a Movie Trance Day, what movies would you watch? Maybe I can find a few to enjoy next time I decide to take the day off. I still have yet to watch all of Casablanca. (Yes, I know. A classic that I should have seen already! I get it.)

(Sidenote: Although I say I watched these movies, you must understand I was not able to sit through any of them all the way through. I had many “Mommy can you please….” or “Honey, would you please….” moments. But hey, I have done so little today, I can take the interruptions!)


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