Soccer Saturday continues

Soccer Saturday continues

Well, Kidlet Sr’s game didn’t have the outcome he was hoping for. They played an awesome game, though! The game was tied 1-1 until the last minute of the game. Then, the other team scored. On my son…the goalie. It broke my heart. Mainly because it broke his heart and he blamed himself. This shot that got through, truly was not his fault. (Trust me, when they are, I admit it.) A tangle at the goal, a play knocking him down and a ball “bumped” into the goal by someone on the other team all added up to a last minute goal. Kidlet Sr was crushed. Being the goalie made him feel like it was all his fault. He is such a perfectionist. I think the other parents got him to see that it just happened. No one’s fault. (You know how it is. I could tell him until I am blue in the face and it would just be “mom’s saying it because I am the mom”.) He stopped at least 6 that were “sure-shot” goals. If anything, he kept the game at a tie and not a huge loss.

It is tough being the mom on the sidelines. I have a hard time sitting still. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a screaming, pacing, crazy sports mom. I just really get into the game. (Although sometimes I do run out on the field during the game, but that is only when I am chasing the Little Diva out there and trying to get her back to the sidelines.) This was a great game overall. I just felt bad for the goalie of the losing team. But, I bought him ice cream and he felt a little better.

So, now to part III of my day. More laundry, cleaning and the never ending PTA work that needs to be done. I think cassie-b was right when she said I would get my nap…at 10:00pm tonight! ~yawn~


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