Sports Moms

Sports Moms

Can I just address Sports Moms for a minute? There is a difference between a “Soccer Mom” and a “Sports Mom”. A “Soccer Mom” is a mom who goes to the games, cheers for her kidlet(s), probably has something soccer related on her vehicle (which is probably a mini-van or SUV) and knows all (or most) of the players names. This can vary a little, but for the most part, you can spot a Soccer Mom. And yes, it is okay to chuckle now and then at Soccer Mom. She is a pretty amusing stereotype at times.

A “Sports Mom” is one who is fanatical about the game. She has her kidlet signed up for every clinic or workshop that is related to the sport. Her kid has to have the best equipment and the best of everything the sport has to offer. She allows very little room for her child to make mistakes. And she certainly can’t stand mistakes from anyone else’s child. She is the one who pushes her kid so hard that even the other adults cringe. She, or rather her behavior, is no laughing matter.

We have a new Sports Mom on our team. I have been elected to let her know that our team is more laid back than most and that we really find it better to NOT yell at the players on our team that they suck. (For that matter, not to yell that at any of the players!) Yes, you read that read. She yelled during a game today that one of our players sucked. Did I mention this is the under 8 yr old team? Lovely isn’t it. It didn’t take me long to get off the bench and go to her to tell her that we really are not going to stand for that. But, it was too late. A Soccer Mom from the other team handled it for me. She was up in Sports Mom’s face before I could get out of my seat. And let me tell you something…she didn’t pull any punches. She let her know how disgusting her behavior was. When Sports Mom looked our way for back-up, we just turned back towards the game.

So, please, if your kidlets are on a team, remember it is for fun and recreation. If you want to yell and degrade, go to a professional hockey game, okay? They can take it and make the big bucks to deal with it. As for us Soccer Moms, we’ll be on the sidelines cheering on the kids, wearing our “Soccer Mom” shirts, and drinking our coffee (and probably gossiping between plays.) We’ll support your kid, even if you won’t.


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