Ten years ago today

Ten years ago today

Ten years ago today, my life changed in a major way. Oh sure, I knew it was going to change. Sort of like how you know that you will probably get wet if you stand outside during a hurricane. “Change” was an understatement!

Ten years ago today was one of the hardest days of my life, but with the greatest reward I had ever had for a hard day’s work. (Don’t worry, I won’t go into the 18.5+ hours of labor that I had to go through. At least not today.)

Ten years ago today I was blessed with the most amazing boy I could ever dream of. The most incredible person I had ever met. The most precious little bundle of energy and bliss all wrapped up in this tiny little package.

Today, Kidlet Sr. is 10 years old. The time has flown by, yet at the same time, he has been a part of me in some way all of my life. I am so proud of him. I could go on for pages about how much I love, adore and cherish this guy. But, for now, I am just going to go hang out with the kiddo until it is time for school.

Happy Birthday, Brandon! I love you!


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