The go-to house

The go-to house

When you were a kidlet growing up, was there one house in the neighborhood that all the kids flocked to? A place where you knew you were always welcome and there would always be something cold to drink, maybe a snack to eat but for sure a Mom who wouldn’t turn you away? I found out which house that it is today.



I have to be honest, I so enjoy it. I have no problem with kids coming and going from after school until dinner time. In fact, most days it works to my advantage because I know were my kidlets are and I know who their friends are. Not to mention the fact that if they have friends over, they aren’t in my hair whining about being bored.

Today I heard a voice that I didn’t recognize come up behind me asking (very politely I might add) if he could have a drink. I say sure as I turn around and see 5 kids standings there. I just laughed, lined up the plastic cups and started pouring the water.

It really wasn’t that way as much last year. I am not sure if I have mellowed out and realized it doesn’t really matter what the house looks like in order for the Kidlets to have friends over or if my Kidlets are just social magnets. Either way, I enjoy having my house full of kids.

Most days.

Don’t hold me to that the next time I say “Get these kids out of here!”


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