Tuck and Roll Grandma

Tuck and Roll Grandma

Today is just a total “tuck and roll, grandma” kind of day.

WTH am I talking about?

A while back there was a commercial for some Playstation game (sorry, can’t remember which one) where they pretty much chuncked their grandma out of the car and yelled at her “Tuck and roll, grandma!” It cracked me up. I laughed until I almost peed the first time I heard it. (Granted, I was in a very silly mood and probably had the help of a drink or two, but nevertheless, it made me laugh.)

So, it became a part of my vernacular. It was a catch phrase I started to use regularly. But it was not without meaning and just for a laugh. It is pretty much a warning to look out, because the proverbial crap is about to hit that good ol’ proverbial fan. So, when it is about to get rough, I’ll just look at my Geek-Man or Kidlets and give a shout out…

“Tuck and roll, grandma!”

I needed a tuck and roll shout out today.


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