Ways to not start my day

Ways to not start my day

/begin rant

Is it possible to start your day (at 5:45am) hearing nothing but “do this” and “do that” and a handful of “gimmies” and not be in a bad mood? Maybe this family needs a primer to figure out how not to start Mom’s day.

1) Do not tell me when you get up that the shirt you want to wear is not clean. You should’ve noticed last night when you were supposed to get your clothes ready for the next morning.

2) Do not tell me that the lunch I just finished making (that you saw me making) is not the kind you wanted. You’ll eat it or make your own.

3) If you see that I am doing something else and you want more milk, get it yourself. You are not incapable of helping yourself. I know this. I live with you.

4) No. I did not know you had to have that particular item today. Did you not know that earlier?

5) Do not sigh when you trip over a toy and either (a) roll your eyes that the toy was out or (b) make an under-your-breath comment about the mess. (Try pitching in and helping me clean. There’s an idea.)

6) Do not (and I am really serious here) do not say “So, you’ve got nothing going on today?” simply because I don’t have a penciled-in appointment. My “nothing going on” day is about 2 full days of work for you.

7) Finally…would a “thank you” every once in a while for doing all of this “nothing” kill any of you?

So, any of you who have not said thank you to the (un)happy homemaker in your life today, go do it now. If you don’t have one in your life, phone your Mom and thank her. If that is not possible either, just thank me. I’ll pretend it came from my family.

/end rant


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