Where do I go to call in sick? No. I’m not really sick. I am just SO tired.

~*yawn*~ ‘Scuse me.

If you work in an office you can take a day off if you need to. I mean, if you called in sick, who could argue with you. Are they going to come to your house and check your thermometer? So where does a stay at home mom go to call in sick or to take a complete day off? I am pretty sure Little Diva won’t fall for the fake cough and frog in my throat routine. For that matter, she doesn’t go for it when those things are real.

Is it pathetic that one my biggest dreams in life is of sleeping late, waking up and knowing that the only person I have to take care of for that day is myself and that the most stressing decision of the day is which book to curl up with?

Nevermind. Don’t tell me if it is. Besides, I wouldn’t have time to talk about it anyway. The Kidlets are calling and I need to get lunches packed, backpacks loaded and kids off the school. Maybe then I can sit down with some coffee and figure out who I go to when I want a day off.


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