Blah Blah Monday Crazies

Blah Blah Monday Crazies

This is one of those rambling on and on about my day kind of posts. Not much interest to many, I am sure. I had some great ideas to post yesterday, but fell into the “too much to do with too little time” trap, so I couldn’t get here to write. Now, I am dead-dog tired and so you have to suffer with a “this was my life yesterday” post. If you don’t feel like reading it, that’s cool. Check back later when I tell you about Little Diva’s latest obsession.

What a day I had yesterday! After spending hours on a project that should’ve taken half that time, I had a little while to catch my breath before the Kidlets got home from school. They come home like such a whirlwind! It nearly takes my breath away for the first half hour they are home. This week is even worse because it is only a half week at school so they are super hyper. Add to that, I had an extra 2 yr old at home with me. Let’s just say any loud rumblings coming from the southern portion of the country yesterday afternoon were probably just the sound of the chaos in my home.

Because there are no soccer games this weekend, they scheduled them for last night. Two soccer games, back to back on a weekday (a Monday no less!) completely wears this ol’ Mom out! I about collapsed when we got home at 9:45pm. But, of course there were still showers to take and kidlets to feed etc. I am not looking forward to dragging the kidlets out of bed in a few minutes. But, on an upbeat note…both boys won and had awesome games. I am actually a bit hoarse from yelling/cheering so much.

See, I told you it was boring. I just wanted to explain why I was so quiet yesterday. I am going to go wake the boys and have another cup of coffee and see if I can find something to prop my eyes open with.

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