Diet Schmiet

Diet Schmiet

I usually don’t get into talk about weight loss, diets and fitness. Pretty much because for each person you talk to, you will probably get a different way of thinking about those topics. You have those loyal to one particular “diet” and swear that it is the best way. Then you get another one who found a new way of eating that has “made all the difference in the world”. There are those who say work out 45 minutes a day every other day to get fit and those who say 15 minutes everyday is the way to go. There are your low carbers, your low fats, your points people and your drink-your-meals folks. For all of those, you can find many people who swear it is the way to go. Then of course, you have the fad dieters. We won’t even go there.

See, so many ways to get the body you want. So many ways to reach the ultimate body type that you so badly crave. I’ve been there and done that.

After Kidlet Jr was born, I was…shall we say…very fluffy and cushioned. And so very unhappy. I took a rather unhealthy route to getting thin. And it worked. I lost A LOT of weight and looked and felt fabulous. And I kept it off, too. For a few years, I felt good in my own skin. Then I got pregnant with The Little Diva. After she was born, my body once again changed. Not back like it was at my darkest, heavy time. But enough to no longer feel comfortable in my own skin again. So, I decided to fix that and do something about it. Get toned up. Lose the pounds that never left after my pregnancy.

They (don’t you just love the universal ‘they’?) say get a partner. That helps. I chose my husband. Good idea? For him, sure. He has lost weight, toned up and looks and feels great. I am thrilled for him. I on the other hand didn’t stick to the plan like he did and am stuck back where I was.

So here I am with a very hot husband feeling so bad in my own skin (worse in fact than I did before I decided I wanted to tone up) that I have pulled away from him. I am not thinking this is the way I wanted all of this to go down.

Now, I am back on track to do this. For me. Doing it for anyone else sucks and won’t work. Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t like I have tons of weight to lose will use old clothes as new circus tents. That honestly has nothing to do with it. I am ready to feel good in my own skin again. I want to look at me and not turn away unhappy.

And before you say it, I will. I know that most of that comes from within. I know. I have to work on the inside with the outside. I know. Just saying that I need to do more to work on the outside.

So here is my question to you: What have you found that helps motivate you? Where does your inspiration come from? I know that Joelle and Kathy have set up a new great site called Put Down the Donut. That one is really good, by the way, if you haven’t seen it, go check it out. So far, I have agreed with all of their reviews. So, for me, they are right on track with my tastes.

Anyway, I guess since I share everything with you, I thought I would share this new battle with you as well. The battle to get fit, lose weight and find peace in the skin I live in. (Too much info? Sorry. Don’t you just love the drama I can bring? It is never ending. Your own what-new-level-of-Jenn-will-we-see-today drama.)


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