Girls weekend coming up!

Girls weekend coming up!

One week from today, I will be on my way to the airport for a weekend to recharge and play. I am off to the Washington DC area to meet up with at least 5 great friends from all around the country. Only 2 of which I have not met in person. I am SO looking forward to going.

At first it started out as a “You need to get away and regroup, why don’t you come up here for a weekend.” Then it turned into “Hey, let’s get some of the girls to come see you too!” And then our hostess went and bought herself a new home, so it is also a semi-housewarming, too. (Is tequila still a good house-warming gift?) I am starting to get excited. I so want time away for me. A girls weekend is just what the doctor ordered. We plan to party enjoy a peaceful weekend.

Now, could someone just hold my Mommy guilt for the weekend? This is the first time I have left Little Diva overnight. The boys I have left many times. In fact, both of them had been left with family overnight before they were 6 months old. But I have never left Little Diva. Mainly because I have never had anywhere to go without her. But this weekend away is specifically a no kids weekend so that the Moms can regroup, connect and be immature responsible adults.

By the way, anyone have any good reads to recommend? I am so looking forward to the plane ride simply because I will be able to read more than a page or two nonstop (and it won’t be at 11:00pm as I am falling asleep either). Please do not offer up suggestions that take much brain power. The most challenging I want to get is a Stuart Woods mystery.


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