Going…going…well, I’m going

Going…going…well, I’m going

Looks like I am going to be gone for the weekend. Anyone up for being a last minute guest blogger? I’ve never had one. But I’ve never missed a day either. Decisions. Decisions. Let’s not even mention the fact that I don’t even know if I know how to set up a guest blogger!

Where am I going, you ask? You didn’t ask? Well, ask. I’m waiting. Oh! Okay, since you asked…

I am going to Houston. Did you hear that Natalie? Houston!

Oh sure, it may sound all glamorous and exciting, but I will try to restrain myself from the party life that is Houston. It IS a HOT town. Granted, by hot they mean that it is freakin’ in the 90’s this week and the humidity is at around 99.9% (as always). But hey, at least I don’t have to pay money to go to a sauna. I will just go to Houston. (Hey, I grew up there. I can make fun of it.)

So, I know you will miss my wit and humor and drama. Try to hang in there. I will be back. In fact, I may even be able to blog from there, but I just never know. Oh the horror of you missing me for a day.

What? Your life goes on even if you don’t hear from me? Are you sure? Well, I won’t risk it, sweetie. I will find a way to get something posted here. You can rest easy.

Okay, yes I am in a smart ass mood. I need sleep.


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