He’s a good kidlet

He’s a good kidlet

Well, the parent/teacher conference went well! In fact, it was one of the best I have ever had for Kidlet Jr. I even got to sit in a real chair. Something has really clicked for him this year and he is doing great. (Sidenote from a bragging mom: His reading and math levels are a grade and a half above where they “should” be.) There was nothing that I heard that bothered me.

Oh sure, he delights in telling amusing anecdotes to the teachers such as….

Mom says diets are an evil ruse to make women go crazy so the kids can take over the world. (Yes, I did say that, but I was joking!)

Or the time he told her that she could come over for dinner anytime because we love having company but to check and see if Dad is the one cooking or not because he is better at it that Mom. And that if she does come over that she can’t go in Mom’s bedroom because no one is allowed in there. Especially kids’. (Hey, I don’t want the Kidlet’s friends running through my room. So sue me! But he is right about the dinner part, though. Always see who is cooking before you agree to come.)

All in all it was good. Although, I do need to talk to Kidlet Jr about the fine art of not sharing quite so much. Gotta love him though. He is entertaining!


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