Home for the weekend

Home for the weekend

Well, I’ll be around this weekend. Girls weekend was cancelled for me. I am going to be home with the kidlets. All weekend. While they drive me crazy telling me how bored they are. How they have nothing to do. How they want me to entertain them. (I’ve already had 2 days of it since they are on Fall Break.) We’ll be stopping by the video store later.

The reason I am not going is because my father in law is not doing well. I need to be here so that my husband can focus on his father. It wouldn’t be right to be anywhere else right now. I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else right now when family needs me.

So, I guess my biggest job now is trying to find something that will entertain 3 kidlets that range in age from 2-10. Any ideas? Because if I hear “I’m bored!” one more time, I am likely to lock myself in my bathroom with a bottle of tequila and not come out until they go back to school!


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