Howdy from H-Town!

Howdy from H-Town!

Just wanted to say howdy from Houston. I left before I was able to set up any guest bloggers (read: figure out how and contact them). So, I figured I would just pop on really fast and say hi myself. Thank you so much to those who offered to help. Were it not for my blonde moments, I would have you set up now. Does your offer come with a raincheck?

Hey, H-town bloggers who read this…I’m leaving tomorrow, but it is never too late to meet for coffee then. Email me! If we miss each other, I will be back in a few weeks. How about a Tiara Happy Hour then. I would love that! Sorry I missed you this time. I’m bummed.

Gotta go to bed. This dial up connection is the pits. I miss you all. I miss my blog reading. (I miss my own bed!)

Have a great weekend!


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