I hate making decisions!

I hate making decisions!

Parenting guilt issue #38

Here is the deal. Kidlet Jr. is going on a field trip to the zoo this Friday. I really wanted to go. Mainly because it means a lot to the kidlet for me to be there. I told the teacher ages ago that I wanted to go with them. Well, it turns out that there were 2 other moms that spoke up sooner and were chosen to go. No big deal. I tried.

So, when a friend of mine asked me if I could watch her daughter for her on Friday so she could go to her son’s field trip (different field trip), I readily agreed knowing I had no plans.

Yesterday, Kidlet Jr’s teacher calls and said that a parent from another class backed out and they need a mom to fill in. I would be able to be with my kidlet and one of his friends, but would be with the other teacher’s class. (Are you following me?)

So therein lies my problem. I made a committment to the other mom that if I need to do so, I could juggle with relative ease. (Ask another mom to fill in for me.) I could find someone to watch Little Diva if I make a few phone calls. I know it would mean a lot to my kidlet. But, it doesn’t sit right with me to juggle the toddler I agreed to watch.

Yet, it doesn’t sit right to turn down the opportunity to go when I know that my kidlet would really love it.

What would you do? I am torn here. My stomach is in knots trying to figure out what I should do here. (Does this mommy guilt ever go away?) I could use another mom’s input here. Or any of you dad’s, too. For that matter, pet owners and just people who like to give their opinions can weigh in too.


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